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At the Greek Grill & Cafe, we have one goal in mind: Each guest’s experience must be unique and memorable—whether it’s a regular guest in on their lunch break, a group of people shopping downtown or going to a sporting event, or celebrating a birthday.  The Greek Grill can translate that memorable experience into an off-site event through Greek Grill & Café Catering.


The Greek Grill & Café Catering menu offers unique dishes ranging from gyros, falafel, chicken kabob, to a Greek salad that is accompanied by made from scratch Greek dressing.  We have competitive pricing that matches your needs and can cater 7 days a week ranging from 6 people up to 200 people.  If you want your event to be memorable contact us today to setup for a catering that will create a memory to last a lifetime.

Contact : (612)305-9163

9AM to 7PM (Mon-Fri) 
11AM to 3PM (Sat) 
Sunday (Closed)

Minimum order of $30.00

Limited Delivery area

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